• The Pains of Birthing a Dream

    No one said it would be easy birthing a dream

    Much like birthing a child, which is considerably easier for some than others, birthing a dream has its pains as well. But don’t let that deter you because birthing your dream/living your dream/creating your dream/following your dream/achieving your dream (regardless of what you call it) yields the highest return on investment that you could possibly imagine.

    It takes years for some people to ever see their dream come to fruition and in fact, there’s a long list of well known people that fall under that category. You’ve heard the stories about famous people finding success later in life, (Oprah, Samual Jackson, Stan Lee, Vera Wang, Henry Ford, Charles Darwin, Ray Croc, the list goes on) but in this day and age of instant gratification, people give up on their dreams every day.

    It’s also important to realize that many people that do achieve their dreams end up creating something far beyond what they’d originally envisioned.

    Which goes to show you, it’s not even about the end result, it’s about the journey and who you become in the process.

    Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash
    It’s a long road to birthing your dream but the view is breathtaking.

    Birthing pains of bringing your dream to life

    Birthing pains, growing pains, pains of loss and pains of regret. They are all part of the birthing process of a dream. You have a stellar idea, a spark of inspiration, a feeling of “what if?”, and you find yourself filled with inspiration, motivation and a sudden urge to quit your job and start something new.

    While that may work for some lucky few, it may not be the best approach.

    Your dream birthing journey may also be ignited by that small, quiet voice within becoming stronger and louder for years to the point at which you decide (after reaching the highlight of your current career) that you will indeed quit your job, take a huge leap of faith and follow your bliss. This is a tough route but extremely courageous and admirable in my eyes because that’s exactly what I did.

    And let me tell you, the pains and the struggle have been real.

    However, I’d never be the one to tell you not to do it.

    Jennifer Grigg birthing a dream
    There’s a certain inner bliss that comes from birthing a dream.

    Patience and persistence required in birthing your dream

    The salve for birthing pains is largely based on two things; a healthy (the healthiest you can possibly imagine) dose of patience and an interminable persistence. Bringing your dream into reality will take every inch of your heart, your soul, your bank account and your belief in yourself.

    And then some.

    The pains of birthing a dream are not for the faint of heart.

    I didn’t believe it was for me either at first. Actually, let me rephrase that. I believed in the dream, it was myself I didn’t fully believe in. Perhaps the best part about this journey so far has been developing that belief along the way. I remind myself everyday that if I’ve made it this far, I can continue to forge on.

    You absolutely have to keep going – no matter what. Like the seed of human protoplasm that takes 9 months to grow and evolve to the point of presenting its amazing self to the world, you must press on until your time has come. The kicker is, unlike birthing a child, you have no idea when that time will be.

    Birthing a dream takes forever
    Birthing a dream feels like it takes for-ev-er!

    Doubt and Disbelief – the killers of living the dream

    According to the website, “blind faith is having completely confidence in someone or something without any reason to do so. … Now the term “blind faith” could alternatively mean, having faith in something which you cannot observe scientifically.”

    You need to have faith, be it blind or otherwise, to birth your dreams. You will most assuredly at some point (or many points) along the way doubt what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, who you’re doing it for, and/or how much time you’re taking to do it.

    I’m here to tell you,

    “it’s ok, that’s all part of the dream birthing process.”

    You’ll even find yourself in a state of shock and disbelief at the most inopportune times, such as when you actually start doing the thing you’ve dreamed of doing and are gripped by your amygdala firing off a stress response that results in a completely blank slate where your most inspiring thoughts and ideas were a mere second before and which were about to come out of your mouth in front of a crowd of people.

    Terrifying? Yes.

    Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

    Do you know what’s even more terrifying? The fear of not living your life.

    Dramatic, I know.

    But that’s what my honest-to-goodness fear is and it’s the one that keeps me up at night when doubt and disbelief sneak in and threaten to stop the birthing of my dream.

    No one said it would be easy but…

    I will tell you something that I know to be true;

    Never will you feel more alive, free, exhilarated, awake and aware. Even if you start out as the most meek, shy, introverted, not-confident, impatient, insecure, feeling-like-a-wanna-be, over thinker, under doer dreamer, you CAN and WILL be able to achieve your dream.

    Cue the inspirational music…

    Because who you become in the process of enduring the pains of birthing your dream is like no one you could’ve ever imagined. (Don’t get me wrong you can absolutely imagine a better you, because that dream is what got you here reading this blog in the first place but you’ve no idea how much better it can be than even your wildest dreams.)

    Let me say that again because it’s super important.

    You start with thinking the dream, feeling the dream, envisioning the dream, but it’s in following the dream and taking action on the dream that you evolve into a whole new you.

    The pains of birthing a dream.

    A beauty like you’ve never known.

    Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash birthing a dream
    You live “arms wide open” when you finally birth your dream.

    Want to read more of what I dream about? Listening to the voice within, living your life, real connection, what I have in common with Richard Branson, etc…


  • You’ll Never Be Content Until You Make Peace With Who You Are – How to Live an Authentic Life

    Living an Authentic Life

    Are you living an authentic life? Do you know what it means to live your authentic life?

    Living authentically means being at peace with who you are and living life to the fullest. An alarming number of people struggle with being who they are. They are living life on autopilot, numb to what makes them happy.

    The Struggle to be Content

    Struggle and content are two words that have no business being in the same sentence, yet most people have been experiencing that for months, years and lifetimes. You’ll never be content until you make peace with who you are. Bit of a sting to it, isn’t there?

    The good news is that you already have everything within you to create the change you’re seeking. You have the wisdom, strength and awareness of what your soul needs. You just need a little help reconnecting to those hidden gems and finding the way back home to yourself. You’ve wandered off the path but your north star never stopped shining for you.

    compass in hand

    The Longing for an Authentic Life

    You’re tired of the struggle of trying to fit in, find your place and be happy. I know the struggle because I’ve been there, in fact, I spent most of my life there. You long to be at peace with who you are and where you’re at but there’s something that’s still not right. The harder you try to make it work, the worse it gets. It feels like you’ve been fighting a never ending battle and you’re waving the white flag of surrender.

    Take comfort in the knowing that it really is going to be ok. It’s darkest before the dawn and your sun is starting to rise.

    Being content by making peace with who you are and living an authentic life is closer than you think.

    Making Peace and Finding Your Authentic Self

    How do you make peace with who you are? Afterall, isn’t that what you’ve been trying to do all along?

    No one sets out to ruin their own day, or to make their lives more difficult with the choices they make. No one likes to be in a crappy mood.

    The problem is that we’re making choices based on old programming. Programming so ingrained that its become habit and we don’t realize we’re our own worst enemy. Peace comes when you begin questioning this default thinking one negative thought at a time.

    Erin Hanson quote authentic living

    Denying the Dream Inside

    We all have a deeply personal dream inside of us that we’re longing for. The conflict arises when we deny ourselves that dream and live according to the expectations of others.

    We stop listening to the guiding voice within that directs us forward along our own path and default to the opinions of others, whether it’s spouses, parents, siblings, friends, society. In many cases it’s our own internal dialogue based on those limiting beliefs (which were actually the voices of others that we internalized at a young age and mistook for our own).

    Living An Authentic Life

    If you’ve had enough of the struggle and are ready for change, you are in the absolute best time and place in your life right now to make it happen.

    I’ve morphed from an anxiety-ridden, overly-reactive person who was rarely ever comfortable in my own skin and had self doubt so pervasive that I second guessed everything, to a woman who knows her worth and loves herself so deeply that I don’t second guess ANYTHING.

    I don’t know everything or have all the answers, but I do know myself well enough that I have absolute faith in all that I do and every decision I make and that is some POWERFUL shit.

    It’s a total game changer when you connect to that level of trust in yourself.

    Lean into living your authentic life by clicking here.

    It’s the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion.

    – Rebecca West

    Authentic Jennifer Grigg

    My # 1 Tip for Reconnecting to My Authentic Self

    One of my best secrets (it’s not really a secret, but that sounded super savvy when I first wrote it lol) for reconnecting with my authentic self is through a favourite book. I get all tingly excited when I buy a book I’ve been dying to read, and all warm and fuzzy when I re-read an old fav.

    Here’s some recommendations. I have a ton of books and these are among the best when you’re taking your first steps at trying to figure out who you are and what you’ve forgotten.

    Simple Abundance is a cherished one I first read 20 years ago and I am loving the gifts it’s bringing forth in me again. If you’re a woman my age…ahem….47…this book will resonate with you.

    Sarah Ban Breathnach speaks to the very soul of frazzled modern women who suffer from a lethal surge of impossible expectations USA TODAY

    Sarah Ban Breathnach

    For the younger members of this tribe, I suggest anything by Rachel Hollis if you’re looking for a kick-in-the-ass, light-your-soul-on-fire kinda read. I literally got up and washed my face AND stopped apologizing after reading her work.

    Rachel Hollis

    And for the fellas out there, this one’s for you.

    Unfu*k Yourself Gary John Bishop

    And if you’re yet to pick yourself up off the floor because you’re going through some heavy shit, I recommend anything by this woman…

    Brene Brown

    I’ve got your back when it comes to living an authentic life.

    Jen xo


  • Inspiration Tip #2 of 3 Tips for Life Change

    Waiting for the inspiration to start the day
    Waiting for the inspiration to start the day

    Life Change Inspiration 

    Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms, and often takes it’s sweet time finding its way to us. I wrote the first blog in a 3 blog series 3 Ways to Change Your Life  in July, to provide inspiration and motivation for you to gain control over your life. It’s taken me this long to get to the second blog. So long in fact, that the name of the blog series even changed as this little inspirational journey evolved. Any guesses on what my inspirational tip #2 is to change your life?

    The Inspiration Procrastination Conundrum…lol. Seems fitting, right? Similar to dealing with your SH*T (see blog 1) but different.

    Right now, I want you to consider the question – what is it that I procrastinate over?

    You may see that there are certain areas of your life where you tend to procrastinate. Some areas you may be highly effective at dealing with, always finding the inspiration and motivation to keep things up to snuff, but you know there are other areas that you avoid at all costs. Maybe it’s your finances (anyone behind on their taxes?), your fitness (how do you really feel in this body of yours right now in this moment?), or your job (do you still feel fulfilled and of service in the work you’re doing?). No judgement here. I’ve been in all of those places.

     The Inspiration to Procrastinate

    We tend to put off doing the things we know we need to do because we think it’s more uncomfortable to do them, and we think it’s easier not to. We’re more inspired not to do them, than to do them. However, the actual discomfort is in the disconnect we’re creating in ourselves. As human beings, we’re wired to continue to grow and evolve. We crave inspiration and motivation to nudge us into action. Avoidance is by nature stagnant. Passive. A zero growth experience. So not only are we going against the very thing we’re designed to do, we’re causing an energetic drain on our internal resources.

    When you procrastinate, put off, avoid or ignore something, you may think you’re doing yourself a favour but in reality you’re torturing yourself. The thing you’re avoiding sits in the back of your mind, watching, waiting and making you feel like you’re a little bit less of yourself while the rest of who you are (call it your heart, soul, higher consciousness) knows you’re not living up to your potential.

    The amount of time you’ve spent thinking about and avoiding whatever that thing is that you’re avoiding far outweighs the time it takes to actually do the thing. So you sit around, avoiding the thing, doing other things that you think are better than doing the thing, feeling a little sheepish because you know you’re copping out on something, and wondering why other things you normally dislike doing (ie; cleaning the toilet) all the sudden become a priority just because you don’t want to do the thing you know has to be done sooner or later.

    Here’s another element here to grasp. The thing you’re dodging has to be dealt with sooner or later and odds are, the longer you wait, the more/worse/harder/bigger/yuckier the thing becomes that you have to face.

    The Inspiration Procrastination Silver Lining

    There is good news in all of this though. By taking one small step towards the thing you’re avoiding the way like sides of a magnet repel each other, you feel like you’ve conquered Mount Everest. You already feel a sense of accomplishment and you haven’t even necessarily completed the job/task/thing. You find your inspiration. Taking action is powerful. POWERFUL. It shows the world, the universe, the part of your tiny little pea brain that’s been talking you into the path to avoidance, that you are taking control. One small movement towards rather than away from creates a ripple effect. You start to think differently about what you can do, you begin to feel differently energetically, and you act differently because you’re shifting a pattern of passivity.

    Inspiration found standing on the shore at sunrise
    Inspiration found

    Now some of you may be thinking, “But Jen, I have so much stuff on my plate and so many things I gotta do I end up procrastinating on everything, get overwhelmed and don’t know where/how to start.”

    An easy trick I learned from one of my mentors is to ask yourself

    “What is one thing I need to do today?”
    You may have many things you should do, need to do, want to do but if you just give it a moment, the answer will come to you. Seriously, listen for the answer. The one thing you need to deal with today. It’s not that those other things are going anywhere but they weren’t anyway because you were avoiding them, remember?

    The bonus is that when you deal with that one thing, you feel like a freakin’ rock star and are amazed at the sense of accomplishment you’ve generated all on your own by doing one simple thing and you wonder what other things you can get done in that same day. You don’t have to go looking for inspiration, you’ve created it all on your own. You also feel lighter – physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

    Like I do…right now…because I finally wrote my #2 blog…7:45 am. I wonder what other awesomeness this day holds for me?


  • 3 Ways to Change Your Life

    I’m one of those people who looks for the lesson in everything, sometimes annoyingly so. Most of the times it’s a great thing but there have been times where I’ve almost driven myself nuts trying to find the reason behind things.

    What do I do in those moments or situations when I just don’t get it? Or when I can’t seem to mentally figure out why something happened the way it did/when it did/how it did? I remind myself that even though I may not see the reason initially, I do understand that 1 of 2 things will happen; either the reason will reveal itself in time, or being ok with things as they are without seeing the obvious reason, is the reason or lesson. Some might call it presence, zen, or being-ok-with-whatever-is-going-on-and-still-living-a-happy-and-fulfilled-life.

    Profound, eh?

    And yes, I’m clearly Canadian. 🙂

    OK, so here’s #1 of my 3 ways to change your life…

    1. DEAL WITH YOUR S#*T – If you’ve identified a problem/issue/concern/circumstance/etc in your life that you are not OK with, (as in it upsets/bothers/frustrates/irritates/exacerbates/annoys you-you get the picture) you have 3 choices;
      1. Complain about it (this is usually done to other people that can’t do anything about the situation and gets you nowhere really, aside from all fired up and left with feeling blechy because you have all those pent up negative vibes coursing through your veins now).
      2. Avoid it (as a recovering avoider, I speak from experience when I say that this is the WORST option. Not only is the problem sucking the life out of you, permeating your thoughts and sabotaging your happy happy, it’s not going anywhere. It will remain front and centre for as long as you continue to avoid dealing with it. At best, you’ll fool yourself into thinking that you’re handling it by trying not to think about it, in which case you’re still thinking about it and it’s still draining your mojo like a battery with a rogue entity stealing it’s charge. invisible and relentless).
      3. Deal with it. You know there’s an issue. Find a way to deal with it. You do this by:
        1.  Talking with a trusted friend (NOT the one that always tells you what you want to hear and adds fuel to your fire by telling you you’re completely justified in what you’re thinking/feeling and offers no helpful advice other than to put ex-lax in the offender’s coffee like something out of a dumb movie ;))
        2. Taking steps to address the issue. Big steps, small steps, the size of the step is not as important as the fact that you just take a step. This helps you feel some sense of control – because you’re using your valuable energy to do something about it and not to avoid it – and takes the intensity out of the situation so it doesn’t loom so heavily over you.

    It’s quite possible that you may never see the situation resolved the way you initially expected, but that won’t even matter. It’s not about the outcome in this case, it’s about the process. It’s about what changes occur in YOU when you take action. It creates this ripple effect in your brain that says things like, “Hey! What’s going on? He/she is doing something about this nagging situation. This isn’t our usual avoidance protocol”, followed by, “Hmmm, this is new and weird and kinda scary but I also kinda like it. It actually feels good”, and also, “What else can we do with little effort and big benefit? WE could totally take over the world!!!” 

    It’s far more about the person you become in the process, than the getting of the end result. Besides, once you start taking action on things and see how super capable you are of calling the shots and being in control of YOUR life, the thing that got you started on this new and exciting journey in the first place probably won’t even phase you anymore.

    You’ll see way beyond that to far bigger and better things to set your new action-taking awesome sights on.

    Stay tuned for my mind blowing #2 way to change your life in the next blog.