A-HA Moments

  • Step Into Your Power and Share Your Gifts

    Step Into Your Power and Into the Light

    The Right Words

    Step into your power. I’d scrawled these four words across the back of my hand in black pen while driving  home the other day after they’d appeared in my consciousness. I’d been mulling over a conversation  which had caused a powerful moment of awareness for me that I’d just had with the lovely young lady who does my lashes.

    We were having a spirited chat about the need to narrow down your niche and identify your target audience when starting a new business. I struggled with identifying my niche because I felt that I had 3 separate and distinct areas of interest, and couldn’t seem to bring them together. Everything felt disconnected, fragmented.

    My astute friend Olympia helped me realize that I was looking at it all backwards. I was struggling because I thought that my business had to be built on one or all of my areas of expertise (body language training, holistic wellness coaching, and/or speaking). I mistakenly believed that the services I offered-the ways in which I was able to assist others-were the foundation of my business and that I had to choose which one to focus on in order to identify my target audience.

    My Smile When I Step Into My Power

    The A-HA Moment

    The blindingly obvious A-HA moment occurred when I realized that you don’t build a business around what you do, you build it around who you are. I AM my business. My services or my areas of expertise are merely the tools through which I’m able to assist others. BAM!

    Much of my life I’d looked to the outside world for validation. Many times I thought that a particular job finally made me a “somebody”, or that it was being a firefighter that made me special or valuable. (Being a firefighter is an honour and a privilege and I’m very proud to be one, but it doesn’t define me or make me valuable. Being a human being makes me valuable and worthy.) Nothing external can provide the validation you’re looking for. That sense of self can only come from within.

    When I suddenly understood that I am it, that I am where my business starts and ends, I felt whole and complete on such a profound level. It felt like all the puzzle pieces of my life had finally come together. My job was to show up fully, every single day, everywhere I go. It wasn’t about being one person/persona/personality in one environment and a different one in another. (I’m not talking about false facades, I’m referring to my personal struggle with the dichotomy of strength (the firefighter) and soft (the pink loving, inspirational/spiritual/motivational posting girly girl). The aspects of me that seemed to be opposite and disjointed up until now.

    Step Into Your Power

    When the words STEP INTO YOUR POWER arrived in my mind/heart/soul/awareness that day, I had to reach for a pen and write them down on my left hand as I held the steering wheel. I knew they held great relevance in my life and although I didn’t fully comprehend the extent at the time, it has become clear in the days since.

    In working with an amazing brand strategist (Trust me. Look her up. Cherene Francis), those four words, STEP INTO YOUR POWER, came to life as she helped me connect the dots of my life experience in relation to my gift to share with the world.

    My struggle has always centred around a power imbalance, which started by having my power taken away from me at a young age by my older brother’s friends. It became a theme throughout my life. Jobs, relationships, family. It’s always been there. But now, now I lovingly see that it’s no longer my theme.

    When It All Comes Together

    My life experience, my professional experience, my thirst for knowledge and understanding-of myself and of others-my deep desire to help others and serve the world in a way that I’ve been gifted to do. They’ve all come together at 46 (47 in a week).

    This isn’t just my story. This is everyone’s story. We ALL have unique life experience, stories, struggles, and triumphs, which have created your own unique gift to bring into the world.

    The world is waiting for you to STEP INTO YOUR POWER!

    Step Into Your Power like Wonder Woman