Following your Dreams

  • Launching a Dream

    July 11, 2021 marks the day that I will actually launch a dream (and I’ve had many so this is a really big deal – to me anyway.) Although I’m one of those people that thinks there’s magic in double numbers, I didn’t pick the date. In fact, until today, I thought my launch date was July 16. I’m clearly not one for setting clearly defined goals or writing down deadlines as my editor at Canadian Firefighter will attest to. Thanks for not writing me off, Laura!

    The Back Story

    Four years ago, I left my job to forge a new path with little more than the soft voice in my heart leading the way. I had no game plan, no strategy or tactics, no map. Heck, I didn’t even know for sure what I wanted to do or where I was headed.

    The only thing I did know was that I hated the feeling of being boxed in, which is what I always felt when I worked for someone else. I resented having to get up and be somewhere at a set time, and I felt trapped in any workplace, as if I was selling my soul for a paycheck. I was trading my precious time for the almighty dollar and it wasn’t a worthy trade in my mind.

    I didn’t hate my jobs, in fact, I had jobs I absolutely loved when I started them, but I always seemed to end up in the same place disillusioned place somewhere between “this isn’t IT” and, “I don’t know what IT is, but this doesn’t feel like it’s IT.”

    Fast Forward 3 Years

    After wandering somewhat aimlessly, blowing through my savings and racking up the online courses (thanks to my course addiction and always thinking THIS will be the course that launches me into the stratosphere as a coach and speaker) I wound up back at the job that I’d left in the first place.

    Happy to have a sense of purpose and a steady income again, I settled into my renewed role. Actually, that’s a lie. I threw myself into my role and overworked myself into burnout. Again and again. It took me about 8 months to finally clue in that this was a pattern and to finally get off the roller coaster, set boundaries and develop a more sane approach to work.

    While I was distracted by my new mission of finding that illustrious work life balance, the dream that I’d shelved started to whisper in my ear.

    I ignored it. “Not now.” I whispered back. “Maybe not ever.”

    I had a job I enjoyed, I was making decent money, I got to work from home and travel to teach. What more could I want? I was content doing what I was doing.

    Or was I?

    Here I Go Again

    I spent three years trying to get that dream of mine off the ground. I had some success but nothing earth shattering and I was hesitant to put the time and energy into it again. Building your own business is a character builder and not for the faint of heart, which is why I didn’t think it was for me (despite the quietly stubborn resistance to being confined to anything that felt remotely like a box.

    However, the whisper refused to be silenced. I took the dream down off the shelf and blew the dust of the last year from it.

    As if by magic, a program appeared before my eyes in my FB feed with a trusted and hugely successful female entrepreneur and before I knew it, I’d invested in a 3 month journey and another shot at launching my dream.

    But here’s where the story changes – I actually did something with this course. I created something I’m very proud of and that I poured a ton of time, energy, insight and love into and I saw the damn dream through to completion for once!

    Whether you know me from my entrepreneurial journey, my writing, through the fire service or are a longtime friend, you’ve likely seen my posts or read my ramblings about my fascination with body language. I can’t help but be excited as I launch my first online course for women that teaches them how to harness the power of their body language.

    This isn’t just a course teaching women how to harness the power of their body language though, it’s about teaching them to harness their innate power!

    If you’d like to join the adventure, click here!

    I can’t wait to see you on the inside of my newly created INTROVERT ACADEMY and my first launch of Body Language Badassery – 6 weeks to unshakeable confidence!

    If I can tap into my inner badass, anyone can! Body language awareness was the key to this introvert finally feeling comfortable and confident in her own skin.


  • The Pains of Birthing a Dream

    No one said it would be easy birthing a dream

    Much like birthing a child, which is considerably easier for some than others, birthing a dream has its pains as well. But don’t let that deter you because birthing your dream/living your dream/creating your dream/following your dream/achieving your dream (regardless of what you call it) yields the highest return on investment that you could possibly imagine.

    It takes years for some people to ever see their dream come to fruition and in fact, there’s a long list of well known people that fall under that category. You’ve heard the stories about famous people finding success later in life, (Oprah, Samual Jackson, Stan Lee, Vera Wang, Henry Ford, Charles Darwin, Ray Croc, the list goes on) but in this day and age of instant gratification, people give up on their dreams every day.

    It’s also important to realize that many people that do achieve their dreams end up creating something far beyond what they’d originally envisioned.

    Which goes to show you, it’s not even about the end result, it’s about the journey and who you become in the process.

    Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash
    It’s a long road to birthing your dream but the view is breathtaking.

    Birthing pains of bringing your dream to life

    Birthing pains, growing pains, pains of loss and pains of regret. They are all part of the birthing process of a dream. You have a stellar idea, a spark of inspiration, a feeling of “what if?”, and you find yourself filled with inspiration, motivation and a sudden urge to quit your job and start something new.

    While that may work for some lucky few, it may not be the best approach.

    Your dream birthing journey may also be ignited by that small, quiet voice within becoming stronger and louder for years to the point at which you decide (after reaching the highlight of your current career) that you will indeed quit your job, take a huge leap of faith and follow your bliss. This is a tough route but extremely courageous and admirable in my eyes because that’s exactly what I did.

    And let me tell you, the pains and the struggle have been real.

    However, I’d never be the one to tell you not to do it.

    Jennifer Grigg birthing a dream
    There’s a certain inner bliss that comes from birthing a dream.

    Patience and persistence required in birthing your dream

    The salve for birthing pains is largely based on two things; a healthy (the healthiest you can possibly imagine) dose of patience and an interminable persistence. Bringing your dream into reality will take every inch of your heart, your soul, your bank account and your belief in yourself.

    And then some.

    The pains of birthing a dream are not for the faint of heart.

    I didn’t believe it was for me either at first. Actually, let me rephrase that. I believed in the dream, it was myself I didn’t fully believe in. Perhaps the best part about this journey so far has been developing that belief along the way. I remind myself everyday that if I’ve made it this far, I can continue to forge on.

    You absolutely have to keep going – no matter what. Like the seed of human protoplasm that takes 9 months to grow and evolve to the point of presenting its amazing self to the world, you must press on until your time has come. The kicker is, unlike birthing a child, you have no idea when that time will be.

    Birthing a dream takes forever
    Birthing a dream feels like it takes for-ev-er!

    Doubt and Disbelief – the killers of living the dream

    According to the website, “blind faith is having completely confidence in someone or something without any reason to do so. … Now the term “blind faith” could alternatively mean, having faith in something which you cannot observe scientifically.”

    You need to have faith, be it blind or otherwise, to birth your dreams. You will most assuredly at some point (or many points) along the way doubt what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, who you’re doing it for, and/or how much time you’re taking to do it.

    I’m here to tell you,

    “it’s ok, that’s all part of the dream birthing process.”

    You’ll even find yourself in a state of shock and disbelief at the most inopportune times, such as when you actually start doing the thing you’ve dreamed of doing and are gripped by your amygdala firing off a stress response that results in a completely blank slate where your most inspiring thoughts and ideas were a mere second before and which were about to come out of your mouth in front of a crowd of people.

    Terrifying? Yes.

    Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

    Do you know what’s even more terrifying? The fear of not living your life.

    Dramatic, I know.

    But that’s what my honest-to-goodness fear is and it’s the one that keeps me up at night when doubt and disbelief sneak in and threaten to stop the birthing of my dream.

    No one said it would be easy but…

    I will tell you something that I know to be true;

    Never will you feel more alive, free, exhilarated, awake and aware. Even if you start out as the most meek, shy, introverted, not-confident, impatient, insecure, feeling-like-a-wanna-be, over thinker, under doer dreamer, you CAN and WILL be able to achieve your dream.

    Cue the inspirational music…

    Because who you become in the process of enduring the pains of birthing your dream is like no one you could’ve ever imagined. (Don’t get me wrong you can absolutely imagine a better you, because that dream is what got you here reading this blog in the first place but you’ve no idea how much better it can be than even your wildest dreams.)

    Let me say that again because it’s super important.

    You start with thinking the dream, feeling the dream, envisioning the dream, but it’s in following the dream and taking action on the dream that you evolve into a whole new you.

    The pains of birthing a dream.

    A beauty like you’ve never known.

    Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash birthing a dream
    You live “arms wide open” when you finally birth your dream.

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