• This is it…your call to action

    This is the sign you've been looking for

    If you’re waiting for a call to action, this is it.

    This is it…your call to action. The sign you’ve been looking for. No matter what it is you’re mulling over, thinking about, flip flopping in regards to or contemplating, the time is now. Make a move.

    Stop waiting for the right time, the right feeling, the right circumstances and/or the right people. Just do it. Take the job, take a chance, make a move, pick one thing and just do it.  We spend our whole lives waiting for things to be just right to do the thing we’re dying to do, and then never end up doing that thing we want to do because things never seemed to be…just right. Waiting for things to be “just right” is waiting for them to be perfect, which they’re never going to be. So you spend your valuable time waiting to do it, rather than actually doing it. 

    News flash

    There is no perfect. Nothing is or ever will be perfect. Things can be pretty damn awesome, amazing, phenomenal, incredible or stunning, but don’t set yourself up by hoping or expecting things to be perfect. Anyone with perfectionist tendencies will tell you (if they’re honest with themselves and with you) that perfectionism is a killer of dreams, of creativity, of living life to the fullest. Trust me, I know. I’m constantly challenging myself to let go of perfectionism once and for all, but since I’m a perfectionist, I haven’t quite gotten it just right yet…

    This is a friendly reminder from the universe, via yours truly, that sometimes you just gotta take a deep breath and jump. This is it. No easing into it, testing the waters, or dipping one foot in. Just jump right in with both feet and the rest of your entire body and give it your all. Give all of yourself to it, whatever it is for you right now. This is your call to action.

    Man taking a leap and answering a call to action

    There is no failure

    There is no failing. No wrong moves, incorrect choices or astronomical  errors. Every action you take provides a result. Make a move, get a result. If you don’t like the result, make another choice and try something different. It may be that you just need to tweak the action you took. Life is all about experience.

    You create experiences through the choices you make and the action you take.

    Your call to action

    Sitting around thinking about the life you want to live, the things you want to do and the experiences you’d like to have will never get you those experiences. The only thing that will get you the life you want, the things you want, and the experiences you want, is to TAKE ACTION. Do something. Do anything. One little step. One giant step. This is it. This is your time.

    Need some more inspiration? Check out this quick video by Mel Robbins or this one by Rachel Hollis. Or for the fellas, this one by Ed Mylett. 


  • Beating Yourself Up? Stop Doing It!

    pink roseWhy Do We Beat Ourselves Up?

    When is the last time you beat yourself up over something? For me, it’s today. Like right now, or at least, up until about 5 minutes ago. Heed my words; Stop Beating Yourself Up. It gets you NOWHERE, makes you feel like SH*T, and keeps you stuck in the same place FOREVER. But sadly, it’s also a nasty habit for many of us.

    Here’s What I’m Beating Myself Up Over Today

    I’m just going to be completely honest and throw it out there. Starting your own business is hard. Being an entrepreneur (if I can even call myself that) is hard. Following your own path is freakin’ hard. But so is showing up for a job everyday that your heart and soul isn’t into. It sucks the life out of you. You are literally trading your valuable time for a hard earned dollar. At least, that’s how I felt for most of the jobs I’ve done throughout my life (most but not all, I loved being an Fire Prevention Officer and a Fire Inspector.) It’s also what drives most people down the entrepreneurial path.

    Overall I’m much happier now (and over the course of the last 10 months since I left my full time job), then I ever was working for someone else. However, I’ve now traded money for my valuable time. I love what I’m doing (creating a coaching business) and how I’m doing it (working from home and working almost all the time) and why I’m doing it (because it’s not only a passion, but why I feel I’m here on this earth at this particular point in time-to help others learn to love themselves as I’ve learned to do).

    female entrepreneur signs

    Why am I beating myself up then? Well, since you asked, I’m beating myself up over the whole money thing. I’ve managed to go through my savings and dented my credit cards substantially to get myself to this point. I’m proud that I’ve managed 10 months for the most part on my own, but will fully admit to having to turn to my husband for help with my vehicle payment the last little while. Which is both shameful to me and totally unempowering. That in and of itself is a cause for the critical voice within to unleash it’s fury.

    My Critical Voice

    What I hear my voice saying to me are things such as:

    1. See, I told you you couldn’t just make money by being you and following your dreams
    2. Loser
    3. You don’t know anything about building a business
    4. You’re burdening your husband and causing him stress
    5. You’re not a good role model for your daughters when it comes to being responsible with money
    6. Quitting your full time job was not a responsible thing to do
    7. What are you going to do now since you don’t seem to be getting this off the ground
    8. You better figure this out, and fast.
    9. You don’t really believe in yourself like you think you do
    10. I knew you didn’t have it in you.

    It goes on, but I won’t. I think you get the picture.

    As these things were floating through my mind on repeat this morning, I decided I’d had enough. I realized that it totally was not productive and it felt like sh*t. I would not dream of talking to another person the way I’ve been talking to myself, so why on earth would I berate myself in such a way?

    The Path to Self Acceptance

    Why do I need to stop beating myself up? Because it’s stupid and it sucks. Plain and simple. So you need to stop beating yourself up too. Here’s how we’re going to do it; 1) write down all those BS thoughts you’re having. Get it all out. Do a bubble drawing or a brainstorming or a list or whatever works for you. You really have to see it on paper to really appreciate how sh*tty you’re being to yourself. 2) Write the opposite. Make a list or bubble chart of all the things you’d rather feel about that situation, or why you want it. 3) Go back through and with a voice of reason, respond to the nasty things you said to yourself, and/or find helpful suggestions to take steps toward feeling the way you’d rather feel.

    Being aware of your thoughts and the critical voice in your head is the first step in getting this under control. Cutting yourself some slack is another important and critical factor in finding peace in this situation.

    You are doing the best you can with the awareness that you have right now. As Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.”

    Kill It With Kindess

    Here is my antidote to beating myself up, in addition to everything I just shared with you. Find 4 simple sentences that get to the heart of your journey right now. Here’s what I know;

    I’m a good person

    I’m a kind soul

    I just want to help others heal

    I am finding my way.

    Keep going back to your 3 or 4 or 5 sentences/mantras/verses anytime you start beating yourself up. Be as kind and gentle with yourself as you would your best friend.

    PS I’m also working on creating that magical balance so that I’m not trading time for money OR money for time. When I get that nailed down, I’ll be sure and let you know how I did it! 😉

    girl watching sunrise


  • Step Into Your Power and Share Your Gifts

    Step Into Your Power and Into the Light

    The Right Words

    Step into your power. I’d scrawled these four words across the back of my hand in black pen while driving  home the other day after they’d appeared in my consciousness. I’d been mulling over a conversation  which had caused a powerful moment of awareness for me that I’d just had with the lovely young lady who does my lashes.

    We were having a spirited chat about the need to narrow down your niche and identify your target audience when starting a new business. I struggled with identifying my niche because I felt that I had 3 separate and distinct areas of interest, and couldn’t seem to bring them together. Everything felt disconnected, fragmented.

    My astute friend Olympia helped me realize that I was looking at it all backwards. I was struggling because I thought that my business had to be built on one or all of my areas of expertise (body language training, holistic wellness coaching, and/or speaking). I mistakenly believed that the services I offered-the ways in which I was able to assist others-were the foundation of my business and that I had to choose which one to focus on in order to identify my target audience.

    My Smile When I Step Into My Power

    The A-HA Moment

    The blindingly obvious A-HA moment occurred when I realized that you don’t build a business around what you do, you build it around who you are. I AM my business. My services or my areas of expertise are merely the tools through which I’m able to assist others. BAM!

    Much of my life I’d looked to the outside world for validation. Many times I thought that a particular job finally made me a “somebody”, or that it was being a firefighter that made me special or valuable. (Being a firefighter is an honour and a privilege and I’m very proud to be one, but it doesn’t define me or make me valuable. Being a human being makes me valuable and worthy.) Nothing external can provide the validation you’re looking for. That sense of self can only come from within.

    When I suddenly understood that I am it, that I am where my business starts and ends, I felt whole and complete on such a profound level. It felt like all the puzzle pieces of my life had finally come together. My job was to show up fully, every single day, everywhere I go. It wasn’t about being one person/persona/personality in one environment and a different one in another. (I’m not talking about false facades, I’m referring to my personal struggle with the dichotomy of strength (the firefighter) and soft (the pink loving, inspirational/spiritual/motivational posting girly girl). The aspects of me that seemed to be opposite and disjointed up until now.

    Step Into Your Power

    When the words STEP INTO YOUR POWER arrived in my mind/heart/soul/awareness that day, I had to reach for a pen and write them down on my left hand as I held the steering wheel. I knew they held great relevance in my life and although I didn’t fully comprehend the extent at the time, it has become clear in the days since.

    In working with an amazing brand strategist (Trust me. Look her up. Cherene Francis), those four words, STEP INTO YOUR POWER, came to life as she helped me connect the dots of my life experience in relation to my gift to share with the world.

    My struggle has always centred around a power imbalance, which started by having my power taken away from me at a young age by my older brother’s friends. It became a theme throughout my life. Jobs, relationships, family. It’s always been there. But now, now I lovingly see that it’s no longer my theme.

    When It All Comes Together

    My life experience, my professional experience, my thirst for knowledge and understanding-of myself and of others-my deep desire to help others and serve the world in a way that I’ve been gifted to do. They’ve all come together at 46 (47 in a week).

    This isn’t just my story. This is everyone’s story. We ALL have unique life experience, stories, struggles, and triumphs, which have created your own unique gift to bring into the world.

    The world is waiting for you to STEP INTO YOUR POWER!

    Step Into Your Power like Wonder Woman