• Ready or Not, It’s Time for a Rebirth

    Ready or Not I’ll go with NOT on this one, but apparently the Universe (or God or my spirit guides or whatever you want to call it) had other plans. As often goes, our toughest challenges provide us with our greatest gifts. Those tricky but necessary life lessons that we weren’t open to learning on […]


  • This is it…your call to action

    If you’re waiting for a call to action, this is it. This is it…your call to action. The sign you’ve been looking for. No matter what it is you’re mulling over, thinking about, flip flopping in regards to or contemplating, the time is now. Make a move. Stop waiting for the right time, the right […]


  • You are powerful

    Life Experience and Meaning

    Live and Die By Your Own Sword Your happiness is dependent upon the meaning you attach to your life and life experience. What you make your life experience mean and the beliefs you’ve adopted and lived by. Try this on for size; If you fail, it’s on you. If you succeed, it’s on you. When […]


  • girl watching sunrise

    Beating Yourself Up? Stop Doing It!

    Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up? When is the last time you beat yourself up over something? For me, it’s today. Like right now, or at least, up until about 5 minutes ago. Heed my words; Stop Beating Yourself Up. It gets you NOWHERE, makes you feel like SH*T, and keeps you stuck in the same […]