• Launching a Dream

    July 11, 2021 marks the day that I will actually launch a dream (and I’ve had many so this is a really big deal – to me anyway.) Although I’m one of those people that thinks there’s magic in double numbers, I didn’t pick the date. In fact, until today, I thought my launch date […]


  • When What You Do Isn’t Who You Are

    When who what you do conflicts with who you really are, everyone suffers. Especially you. This is me. The real me. Introvert. Quiet soul. Happiest living a low key life. This is who I am. What I do is different. I’m a fire instructor and a writer. I’m also a mom and wife. I’m a […]


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    My Soul Reconnection and the Peace It Brought Me

    Your Soul Knows I believe with all my heart that our souls know why we’re here and what we’re here to do. I also know that I had to forget most of what I believed to be true about myself in order to reconnect with my soul and the guidance that’s always been there for […]


  • Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

    4 Ways To Develop A Positive Attitude Towards Life

    The way you view life impacts your experience of it and developing a positive attitude towards it rests within your grasp. If you’re one of the people that tends to have a less than positive attitude towards life or believe that it’s tough to change your habits, keep reading because I have good news for […]


  • Sunshine on water

    Trauma Survivor

    I saw the sun dance on the water And started to cry I felt the warmth of the rock And bathed in the azure blue sky. An inner peace That hadn’t been there in years Taken from me as a child Replaced with a lifetime of fears. I was 10 when it happened On that […]


  • The Pains of Birthing a Dream

    No one said it would be easy birthing a dream Much like birthing a child, which is considerably easier for some than others, birthing a dream has its pains as well. But don’t let that deter you because birthing your dream/living your dream/creating your dream/following your dream/achieving your dream (regardless of what you call it) […]


  • How Your Body Language Affects Others (and You)

    Ever thought about your body language and what it’s saying to others? Think of the most charismatic or engaging person you know and ask yourself, what is it that makes people so drawn to them? Is it their smile? Their outgoing personality or sense of humour perhaps? This may surprise you, but it’s actually their […]


  • Three Ways to Shift Your Life

    Looking for ways to shift your life from stuck to AMAZING? From disconnected to reconnected? From numb to feeling all the good feels? Well yay for you!! because I’m about to share three ways to shift your life. Read on to find out. Great News, You’re in the Right Place! You are in the right […]