Jennifer Grigg

Body Language Coach and Fire Instructor

Hi, I’m Jen! I'll help you uncover the power of your body language in order to live your best life ever. This is my story.

My Story

Hi, I’m Jennifer Grigg. I was an extremely shy child and a socially awkward adult which made me strive to find ways to better understand and improve myself and the way I interacted with others. I fell in love with the fire service from a young age, went to college and took Fire Protection Engineering and have been in the fire service since 1992. I took great pride in being a member of the fire service but struggled with anxiety and depression over the years. Now when I look back,I’m thankful for all that I’ve been through because I’ve grown from shy introvert to firefighter, coach and speaker and now I help others uplevel their personal and professional lives.

My fascination with self-empowerment led me to studying body language and human behaviour in order to understand others better but also to develop my own people skills. As if being a wallflower wasn’t enough, as a female in a male dominated profession, I needed help establishing myself in the fire service and learning to leverage the power of nonverbal communication and gave me that edge, confidence and charisma.

As a fire instructor, firefighter, writer and speaker, I work with fire services offering training and presentations on mental wellness and nonverbal communication and with chief officers through coaching and consulting on nonverbal intelligence.


You Have the Power

Understanding what you do when you’re nervous or uncomfortable, and being able to moderate those movements, can make all the difference in being a powerful speaker, nailing the interview, and influencing others.

Your Nonverbals

Your body language speaks volumes, so much so that it makes up for 60-93% of your communications. No matter how impactful you think your message is, or well you say it, your nonverbal behaviour will either confirm what you’re saying if you’re being genuine, or call you out if you’re being inauthentic in any way.

Save Yourself Time and Money

Ineffective communications, the inability to pick up on the nonverbal cues of others, lack of awareness of how you, your colleagues/staff and your organization presents itself all have significant impact on the productivity and effectiveness of your endeavours.

My Approach

I’ve been a life long people watcher – fascinated by those who have been blessed with the gift of charisma, and empathetic to those who struggle to feel comfortable in their own skin. I’ve gone from being the latter to the former, and I can tell you, it’s completely changed my life. 

If you’re a self motivated individual who is looking to improve your presence, your ability to connect with others, and your awareness of how you’re influencing and intuiting the emotions of others, schedule a free call to find out more about working with me.

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