Your Soul Knows

I believe with all my heart that our souls know why we’re here and what we’re here to do. I also know that I had to forget most of what I believed to be true about myself in order to reconnect with my soul and the guidance that’s always been there for me.

How It Feels to Lose Touch With Your Soul

Ugh, where do I start? Sleepless nights, irritability, feeling directionless and filled with inner angst…wait, those all could’ve been menopause symptoms…however they do relate to losing touch with your soul as well. How about feeling lost, disconnected, ungrounded, and an alarming lack of love in my heart? Perhaps this quote by Katharine Butler Hathaway best explains my malaise.

“If you let your fear of consequence prevent you from following your deepest instinct, your life will be safeexpedient and thin.”

Not only could I not feel my deepest instincts or hear the voice of my soul, my life had indeed become safe, expedient and thin. And yes, fear played a big role in that because I’d lost my connection to source and to the larger part of me that knew all was well.

Three Steps I Took

The first step in finding my way back home and reconnecting with my soul was to learning to be gentle with myself. One of the reasons I’d lost touch with my soul was because I’d forgotten the power of grace. Allowing myself the kindness and compassion that I so willingly give others was a necessity in my journey back to myself.

Being gentle with yourself means softening when you notice the tendency to be critical. It means giving yourself time and space for that which touches your heart. For me, it meant revisiting the things that had proven to nourish my soul in the past – meditation, reading and journalling – each morning before I got out of bed.

Secondly, I made sure to get outdoors for a walk everyday. Movement isn’t purely a physical thing. It’s an emotional, spiritual and physiological experience that benefits you on so many levels. Being outdoors in nature is tending to your soul. It’s about giving yourself a precious, delicate sliver of time just for you in which you foster serene presence and gratitude for your mind, body, soul and nature itself.

(And if there were days that I didn’t walk, I didn’t beat myself up for it. Ever.)

Thirdly, I practice loving myself – fully, completely and unapologetically – on a daily basis. Yesterday while watching an old episode of Oprah, a young Deepak Chopra said, “your cells hear every thought you think” and I knew this to be true in a way that required no thought on my part.

a soak in the tub soothes the soul
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Who We Really Are

We are all undeniably loveable no matter what we think about ourselves. Those negative thoughts you have about yourself are not the truth of who you are. You are an infinite being of love and light and if you think I’m blowing stardust up your arse then that’s your prerogative to think that way.

I have just one question, is what you believe to be true about yourself at your core lifting you up or dragging you down?

I used to have a litany of negative thoughts about myself that played on repeat like a record that skipped nonstop. It’s taken a considerable amount of work to reprogram that shit (and it may very likely be an ongoing process) but from the vantage point I have right now, it’s a very positive place up in that head space of mine.

I’m closer to my truth than I’ve ever been, and that truth is that I am here to love – to give love, to feel love, to see love and to be love. As esoteric or woo woo as that may sound, I unfailingly believe that is what is at the heart of this life journey for all of us, and that’s the wisdom that’s come from reconnecting with my soul.

Life Journey and Soul Journey Is Not the Same

Our life journey’s purpose may be to give love, to feel love, to see love and to be love, which reconnects us to our soul, but our soul journey is much larger than that.

Whether you believe in past lives, or parallel lives (as explained by Anita Moorjani in her book, Dying To Be Me in which she experienced a near death experience while in a coma and recovered from a 4 year cancer battle that ravaged her body upon her awakening), or you believe that this is your only life, I believe that our souls are capable of journeying far beyond what we can ever know with our physical senses.

If you’ve read any of Wayne Dyer’s books, or Deepak Chopra’s books, you’ve come across this concept before too.

I believe this soul of mine is what I am. My soul is who I am. My body isn’t. Look at it this way, you are not in the same body you were when you were 5 or 15 or 35, but the you that is inside is still there.

That, my friends, is your soul and the true essence of who you are.

My soul journey this time around has been to experience certain things that I once looked at as trauma, but that I now look at as simply the experiences through which I learned to love myself unconditionally and support others with love, compassion and understanding.

A previous soul journey had me die in one of the world wars, (according to a palm reader), and which made perfect sense to me because I had such an ingrained and unexplainable resistance and/or avoidance of all things military. I suspect I may have also froze to death because I hate being cold…lol.

Soul Guidance

So what has reconnecting with my soul actually done for me? I’m glad you asked.

While meditating yesterday morning, I received the message of “no more voids to fill”, followed by a warm wave of peacefulness within. I could try to explain how powerful message that was for me to receive but I don’t think words would actually do it justice. I also think that if you’ve been trying to fill your own internal voids, then you understand.

The next thing I received was “magnet for good” and the image of a magnet came to mind.

And I believe it.

I feel it, I know it.

And most importantly, I accept it.

I no longer believe that I’m unworthy, or deeply flawed, or not good enough in any way.

I’m believe I’m worthy, human and good enough in every way.

Life will always have it’s ups and downs, laughter and tears, and difficult experiences to go through but now that I’ve reconnected with my soul, I know I’m always being guided, supported, protected and blessed.

There is no greater gift.

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