I can’t believe it’s been a year already since I put out a post looking for a fire department to do free training with. 😲 It’s caused me to pause and reflect on my 18-month entrepreneurial journey thus far. 🙃

When I left my job at the fire college, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do (coaching and speaking) and a dream in my heart, but no real game plan. Probably not the smartest way to go about something but I’ve always been a “follow your bliss” kinda girl and felt it was time for me to do just that. 🙂

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👉🏻 I enrolled in a Holistic Wellness Coaching program through IAWP (International Association of Wellness Professionals) because I firmly believe everything in our lives is interrelated – mind, body, spirit and our internal and external lives. (I’m still working to complete that course, btw. 😂 It fell by the wayside but I’m back on track and down to my last couple modules.) 💁‍♀️ Not giving up on it because I still believe in it and it was a solid first investment in myself and in my dream ($1950 US).

👉🏻 Then I came across a certification course for Body Language Trainers with the inspiring TedTalker and bestselling author, Vanessa Van Edwards, and amazingly managed to find a way to fund the tuition, (which was about $6000 US). As an introvert and people watcher 👀, I’ve always been fascinated by the science and psychology of human behaviour and what makes people tick. This program was a complete game-changer for this chick! 🌟

👉🏻 While I had both of those going on, I also enrolled in a group mentoring program with a woman named Tara Marino whose company is called Elegant Femme, with several other ladies that I’d never met, which took me to a weekend retreat in Outer Banks, NC. It was an amazing experience and helped me face and overcome things that had held me back much of my life, which was necessary if I was ever going to be in a position to coach others! 😄 That was another $3400 US.

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👉🏻 I also hired someone to design a website for me (that was easily $2500 cad by the time it was all done with website hosting platforms, website theme, registered domain names, email marketing, etc etc). I likely could’ve done this in a more cost-effective and simpler way especially since I was just starting out, but not knowing what I was really doing at the time, it seemed to make sense. 🤓

👉🏻 I’ve given my ALL to this dream mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. I’ve gone through months of no income, I’ve experienced many times when I totally lost faith in my ability to create a business out of thin air (who does something like that and actually succeeds at it?? I’d ask myself). I’ve had highs of making amazing income to lows when I’m in not active in coaching and training and wonder what the hell I’m doing.

👉🏻 HOWEVER, seeing this post today made me realize how far I’ve really come.

🌟 I’ve met the most amazing people (mostly firefighters but also municipal staff) through delivering body language training.

🌟 I traveled to BC (a long-standing dream of mine) to present at the BCAFC (BC Association of Fire Chiefs) conference in June. Best road trip shared with my one and only Earl Grigg and my best presentation ever because I not only overcame the worst anxiety but realized how in my zone I am with sharing body language science).

Jennifer Grigg

And perhaps the greatest gift of all,

🌟 I’ve learned and grown in ways that I NEVER would’ve had I not taken this journey. I’ve learned to do things I had no idea how to do when I started out and I’ve grown into a woman who knows what she wants (most of the time 😂 ) and knows WITHOUT A DOUBT that she can achieve it. A faith in myself that I never would’ve experienced if I’d stayed on the path I was on.

If you’ve read to the end of this post, I have a message for you…

You absolutely can and should pursue what sets your soul on fire! 🔥Because that, my friend, is the ONLY thing that will truly fill you up and allow you to bring your best self to this world and to the people in your life.

No more excuses.
No more waiting.
No more what ifs.

If this anxiety-ridden introvert with no self-confidence can make a go of it and change her life in the process, YOU CAN TOO! 🥰