This is the sign you've been looking for

If you’re waiting for a call to action, this is it.

This is it…your call to action. The sign you’ve been looking for. No matter what it is you’re mulling over, thinking about, flip flopping in regards to or contemplating, the time is now. Make a move.

Stop waiting for the right time, the right feeling, the right circumstances and/or the right people. Just do it. Take the job, take a chance, make a move, pick one thing and just do it.  We spend our whole lives waiting for things to be just right to do the thing we’re dying to do, and then never end up doing that thing we want to do because things never seemed to be…just right. Waiting for things to be “just right” is waiting for them to be perfect, which they’re never going to be. So you spend your valuable time waiting to do it, rather than actually doing it. 

News flash

There is no perfect. Nothing is or ever will be perfect. Things can be pretty damn awesome, amazing, phenomenal, incredible or stunning, but don’t set yourself up by hoping or expecting things to be perfect. Anyone with perfectionist tendencies will tell you (if they’re honest with themselves and with you) that perfectionism is a killer of dreams, of creativity, of living life to the fullest. Trust me, I know. I’m constantly challenging myself to let go of perfectionism once and for all, but since I’m a perfectionist, I haven’t quite gotten it just right yet…

This is a friendly reminder from the universe, via yours truly, that sometimes you just gotta take a deep breath and jump. This is it. No easing into it, testing the waters, or dipping one foot in. Just jump right in with both feet and the rest of your entire body and give it your all. Give all of yourself to it, whatever it is for you right now. This is your call to action.

Man taking a leap and answering a call to action

There is no failure

There is no failing. No wrong moves, incorrect choices or astronomical  errors. Every action you take provides a result. Make a move, get a result. If you don’t like the result, make another choice and try something different. It may be that you just need to tweak the action you took. Life is all about experience.

You create experiences through the choices you make and the action you take.

Your call to action

Sitting around thinking about the life you want to live, the things you want to do and the experiences you’d like to have will never get you those experiences. The only thing that will get you the life you want, the things you want, and the experiences you want, is to TAKE ACTION. Do something. Do anything. One little step. One giant step. This is it. This is your time.

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