Do you have the Fleetwood Mac song in your head right now? Because I do and I really wish I’d bought this pillow when I saw it during a visit to see family in Okotoks, Alberta last summer. I can only hope to come across it again on my next visit because it speaks to me on so many levels.

Not only do I love the song, it seems that these very words were written on my heart and soul from before birth. I’ve always had the sense that I was intended to follow my own path, but I never really understood the importance of doing so. I dabbled with it here and there throughout my life, cautiously and ever-so-gingerly stepping down the path less travelled, but only to trudge back to the well-worn route of societal norm. A lack of faith in myself combined with the disbelief that I really could do things my way and succeed routinely rerouted me.

I always struggled with the “normal/traditional/typical” idea of having to go somewhere you wouldn’t normally want to be, to work for someone else in the traditional full-time, M-F job. To me, it felt like being stuck in a box, where the totality of my personality (my heart and soul) was often checked at the door and my valuable time (because all we have is our time and we don’t know when that time is up) was traded for financial compensation. Although some jobs (job, by the way, standing for Just Over Broke) provided me with a sense of fulfillment and the feeling that I was contributing to something larger than myself, most were just not “it”, as my very good friend and guru Shelli Varela would say. Click here to check out her website.

In the most recent case, I left a high-profile (from an Ontario Fire Service perspective) “career highlight” of a job to quite literally follow the tattoo on my arm, and take my own advice.


I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of following your heart, your gut, your bliss, your inner compass or whatever you call it, but my actions weren’t in totally in alignment with my inner beliefs. I knew in my heart that the position wasn’t ultimately fulfilling me despite the fact that I was doing well at it and receiving positive feedback.

After taking time off to think things through and have an honest conversation with myself, I gave my notice. I slept better than I had in months once the decision was made. That was enough acknowledgement from my heart and soul that this was right for me.

I may not have known what “it” was at that point, but I knew that what I was doing definitely wasn’t “it”. I also knew that if I just started to rediscover the things that spoke to my soul, that I would eventually uncover my unique path, the one that would lead to my bliss. Having said that, I’ve found that walking one’s own path doesn’t just lead to the destination of bliss, the bliss is lived in the journey itself.

My favourite soul nourishing activities these days are yoga, meditating, reading, working on my Wellness Coach training, and researching holistic wellness. I love feeding my brain and watching Ted Talks and documentaries of trusted motivational & transformational humans. Click here to see the You Tube videos I watch and subscribe to.

Vanessa is an example of someone who followed her own path and created a hugely unique and uber successful business based on her own personal struggles with social awkwardness. Check out her website here.

When you start taking even the tiniest of steps to honouring what’s in your heart and listening to the small, quiet voice of your soul, the path-YOUR PATH-unfolds before you. It’s such a beautifully personal and empowering journey within, words can’t even describe it.

Listen to your soul.

Honour your heart.






Jennifer Grigg