When I look up to the sky now,

It looks different to me.

I have a new understanding

Of how expansive life can be.

I’ve lived mostly in a bubble,

Quiet in my world

Until bit by bit

It began to unfurl.

Today it blew wide open

When I jumped in tandem

The universe at once

Seemed both connected and random.

I was completely at ease

Until it came time to fly

A moment of mind numbing fear,

And then we were a part of the sky.

I shut my eyes at first

As my body and stomach turned

Once we levelled out

I knew what I was there to learn.

Believe in yourself,

Live with arms open wide.

Trust yourself,

Let your heart be your guide.

Put faith in others

That show up in your day

Embrace flight

When it comes your way.

If you feel inspired

To do something new

Just seize the moment

And fall into the blue.














Jennifer Grigg