My oldest daughter, who will be twelve this month, plays hockey, loves hockey, and lives and breath hockey. She plays both forward and defense for her peewee team and although she prefers playing forward, she is an extremely good defenseman (person). In today’s game, they held onto a 1-0 lead going into the third period, which was fantastic for them as they’ve only gotten one win under their belts so far this year. Things were looking really good until…a goal was scored, in our net, by one of our own players, and after that happened, the other team managed to score 2 more goals and took the game 3-1. It was a real…bummer…and I felt bad for the player that it happened to. I thought it would be tough for even an adult to shake something like that off. And me being me, I’m always looking for the lesson in everything that happens in life, and I wondered how to put a positive spin on what had happened but it turns out that her Dad (the coach) had the life lesson covered for today.

He’s not what I would call a motivational type person, or one for big pep talks or pointing out life’s lessons but I think he dished out a valuable one today. Apparently when the player that had accidently scored on our own team returned to the bench, the player was met with negativity from some of the other teammates. Once the game ended and the kids started to head off the ice, the coach called the team back to the bench and told them that if they ever treated a player like that again that they would be suspended. Like I said, he’s not the warm and fuzzy type, but I’m sure he got the point across, and more importantly, he had that kid’s back. It’s easy for kids to get caught up in the moment, and sure, it would be frustrating to have that happen in a game, but these kids need to remember that they are on the team together, and it could’ve happened to anyone. We all make mistakes.

Our behaviour towards others has the potential to leave a permanent impression, good or bad. You may not remember what people say but you will always remember how they made you feel.

Jennifer Grigg