Who knew that a simple idea like taking the kids to McDonald’s for breakfast could turn out to be such a good idea? Not only did they think I was awesome for it, there were other positive benefits that I wouldn’t have realized had I not had the idea in the first place. For instance, I didn’t have to cook, which is awesome because I don’t really like to cook anyway,. So that also meant that I didn’t have to clean up the kitchen afterwards…double bonus! Another plus…the kids ate everything and nothing went to waste, which always makes Moms happy, whether we cooked or not because if we didn’t cook it, we’re paying for it. A fourth unforseen benefit; after they were done eating, they went and amused themselves in the play area and burned off some of that over abundant energy that only kids seem to possess and which I wish I could find a way to bottle. And the icing on the cake…I had the very rare pleasure of being able to sit and do nothing while they played. That’s just not something we Moms do at home because there’s always 1001 things to be done like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, sorting, cleaning, making beds, sweeping up dog hair, cleaning guinea pig’s cage, etc., etc. It’s virtually impossible to “do nothing” at home, but at McDonald’s…now that’s somewhere that I can sit and do nothing and completely enjoy it. Who knew?

Jennifer Grigg