Just another day in the life…woke up before my alarm went off expecting to be snowed in as per last night’s weather reports. What did I find when I looked out the window…barely a skiff of snow on the ground. Got up, showered, dressed, woke daughter up, went downstairs to put on kettle for her hot chocolate and pack her school bag, went back upstairs and made sure daughter hadn’t gone back to sleep. On the drive to school (30 minutes each way), we admired the huge snow clouds and discussed how the ones with the edges that looked like they were smudged showed where it was already snowing. As my daughter tried to wrap her head around the idea of it snowing ahead of us, but not actually seeing the snow in front of us, we came over a bridge and drove right into the big, fat flakes coming down. It was a pretty cool moment. Not only did it look really neat, but it proved that Mom knew what she was talking about! Yay me! (We Moms have to celebrate those small victories when we have them.) It made an ordinary, average, everyday drive to school into a perfect opportunity to teach my daughter a little something about the weather and share a delightful moment with her. In my opinion, that’s what life is really all about, the moments we share with our children, spouses, family, friends or, perhaps, even strangers. The moments and the experiences in which we find ourselves totally present and engrossed in, that in turn create the memories that tie us together. Simply beautiful.

Jennifer Grigg