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Empowering women to be more of who they are and less of who they aren’t by leveraging the power of their nonverbal behaviour.


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Improve your influence by harnessing the power of your body language

Jennifer Grigg

Body Language and Nonverbal Communication Coaching

I can teach you how to tap into the most powerful advantage you have. Applying the science of body language and human behaviour will make you feel like a whole new woman and change your life.

Keynote Speaker

Open, honest and funny conversations about body language, leadership and mental health.

Jenny Grigg

What Is My Coaching?

I teach you how to use your body to influence your mind and feel more confident, present and purposeful in your life.

Who Is Coaching For?

You. That is, if you want to become someone who is remarkably perceptible at reading nonverbal cues of others and harnessing the power of your own to effect positive change.

Jennifer Grigg speaking at the BC Fire Chiefs Conference 2019
Jennifer Grigg

What is The Process Like?

It’s based on the tools I’ve used to go from anxiety-ridden and socially awkward with very little confidence to being a creative powerhouse in my work as a fire instructor and in my life as mom, wife and entrepreneur.

Body Language Badassery for women -launching JULY 2021.

“Jennifer is one of the most resilient people I have met, and it has been my privilege to follow Jennifer’s great journey of success over the last few years. When Jennifer speaks of overcoming adversity, people listen, she has real-life experience of triumphing over trauma.”

Forrest Willett, #1 Bestselling Author of Baseballs Don’t Bounce and Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Jennifer Grigg

About me

I’m Jen and I’ve been a people watcher all my life. I was an extremely shy and anxiety ridden person but I’ve always been curious about what makes people tick. Through studying body language, I’ve grown from  shy introvert to firefighter to coach and speaker. Now I help other women empower themselves and change their lives.

Jennifer Grigg

Coaching Packages


As an introvert, I’ve always been a people watcher and as someone who studies body language, I see a lot that others miss. Book a call to see what I know and how I can help.

Individual Coaching

Feel like you’re not showing up as powerfully as you’d like to be? Ready to work on you – because that’s where all change starts, after all – drop me a line.

THE program for women who are ready to learn how to tap into the power of their body language to overcome anxiety and insecurity and build confidence and self empowerment.

“With an engaging and charismatic personality, Jen tailored her program to our department to create a dynamic and interactive experience. The program she offers provides great insight and many takeaway skills to deal with a wide range of scenarios. I am very confident this training has improved our customer service and personnel engagements.”

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